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You can't scale your locating business without systems and processes. 2019 is all about scale.

Without consistent marketing, unfortunately you won't generate leads

I've noticed even with @rentadvisors social media, it doesn't take much to get results. Fortunately marketing has a snowball effect. Get it going, keep it going, and it will pay off.  Marketing and advertising is the mechanism that generates leads. Simply owning a website or social media pages isn't enough. You have to bring them to life.

If you connect third party apps to create your own marketing system, it would cost at least $750 a month in subscriptions. We created one suite of marketing products specifically for locators. Lead capture forms, searchable apartment map, email autoresponder, monthly drip marketing, CRM, and listing syndication data feed for one low monthly price. We don't charge per lead or per email address, it's an all inclusive system for an unlimited number of leads. Unlike other CRM's who charge thousands of dollars to customize, we've already customized it for rental leads.

  • Our tools work with any website platform. (WordPress, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace)
  • Our homework assignments will walk you through all the steps.
    • We will install the tools on your website.
    • We will connect our lead capture forms.
    • We can help you write email autoresponders or we have sample templates.
    • For security reasons you will have to connect your social media channels, but we will help you write marketing taglines and schedule consistent posts.
  • We can't stress enough how important a long term drip marketing campaign is to lead generation. You can use our system or we can help with a more sophisticated system like MailChimp.
  • After all of your tools are created, the system should run on it's own for the most part. We send out monthly reminder homework assignments to our clients because marketing is not "set it and forget it". Marketing is always changing, and we are always here to help.