Apartment IDX


Our Apartment IDX is a cost effective way to add search capability to your website


Renters are armed with technology, and if you want to compete for their business, you need sophisticated technology too. Your competitors are not just other apartment locators, but all technology that renters use to find an apartment.


Google controls driving traffic (or not driving traffic) to your website. Google Analytics measures how long people stay on your website, and how many pages they visit. Hosting your own (data driven) IDX gives Google a lot of content to index, and keeps visitors on your site which improves your analytics.


Our IDX displays one bedrooms, two bedrooms, and three bedroom floor plans.  Our decision to display floor plans was made primarily because no one else is doing it. If you want to capture users to your website, you have to offer them something no one else is offering.


The IDX hides all location information. Landmarks and points of interest have been removed. It is a scraped down version of Google maps so the user is forced to enter their contact information. The info window that opens when a user clicks on a floor plan, contains a lead form that is emailed to you.


We have been building a network of data share agreements and incoming data feeds for over 10 years. The apartment IDX is connected to our server in real time. If the price changes in the middle of the day, it is changed on the map immediately.


We add your unique metadata to the back end of your IDX to make sure Google reads it correctly. This is a very detailed process that we tie back to your Google analytics so we can track your success and progress. The IDX is built on Google's API so it's completely mobile friendly on any device.

Now is an excellent time to invest in your website and create a lead generating machine through the end of the year. FACT: Websites with 30+ landing pages, convert 7 times more leads. Our Apartment IDX is the fastest way to create unique content and landing pages for your website. The Apartment IDX will pay for its self in less than five leads. When you purchase the six-month subscription, you incur zero additional expense through the end of the year.

Our current clients have experienced a 70% increase in website visitors within 30 days of implementing the IDX. Constant real time floor plan pricing delivered to your website, tells Google the kind of website visitors you want to attract. Since the IDX is linked directly to our database, and 95% of our database is updated electronically, you are delivering accurate information to your leads.

We believe the primary purpose of your website is to generate leads, but that's not an easy task. You must balance the content and navigation your clients expect, with format and structure Google values. After you launch the IDX it will take Google a few weeks or a few months to increase your organic traffic. The summer months usually produce higher revenue for apartment locators, so now is an excellent time to invest in your web presence so that your leads continue during the fourth quarter.

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