Apartment IDX


The most cost effective way to add apartment search capability to your website

Click the map to see the IDX in action


The location and points of interest has been removed from the map. The property name and address are hidden even from the back end metadata. The easiest way for your website visitors to get information about each floor plan, is fill out the contact form.


One of the matrix Google measures is the time spent on your website. When website visitors stay on your site longer, it tells Google you have quality content. One of our clients, Apartment World, was willing to allow us to publish his search traffic after we installed the Apartment IDX. You can read the results in a Case Study on our blog. Most of our other clients have increased time spent on their site from an average of 3 minutes to over 12 minutes.


Research shows you have less than 10 seconds to provide the information your website visitors need before they hit their back button and go to one of your competitors. Renters are looking for apartment pricing and availability; our Apartment IDX is the only low cost option for apartment locators.


The Apartment IDX is the only tool that features specific floor plans. There are separate one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom maps. If your client is looking for a one bedroom apartment, the map will show them where each one bedroom is located and the price for that area. You can offer your clients something no one else is offering, exact floor plans.


We don't manually update any of our data. We purchase electronic data feeds and push the pricing directly to your map. Our data base is updated daily, so you never have to worry about publishing outdated information. Each map pin shows the price so your clients can get an idea of how much each area costs.


Each Apartment IDX comes with a searchable apartment database. The property name and address are hidden from your website visitors, but as an admin you can see the name, address, pricing, floor plans, and all other relevant information. You will know exactly which floor plans your clients are interested in.

Now is an excellent time to invest in your website and create a lead generating machine. FACT: Websites with 30+ landing pages, convert 7 times more leads. Our Apartment IDX is the fastest way to create unique content and landing pages for your website. The Apartment IDX will pay for its self in less than five leads

Our current clients have experienced a 70% increase in website visitors within 30 days of implementing the IDX. Constant real time floor plan pricing delivered to your website, tells Google the kind of website visitors you want to attract. Since the IDX is linked directly to our database, you are delivering accurate information to your leads.

We believe the primary purpose of your website is to generate leads, but that's not an easy task. You must balance the content and navigation your clients expect, with the format and structure Google values.  Our Apartment IDX is the most cost effective way to add search capability to your website, give your clients the information they need, and maximize the Google framework.