How To Generate Leads With Your Apartment Locating Website

You are not in the apartment locating business, you are in the lead generating business.

Write a business plan for a marketable, catchy brand that is easy to spell and easy to repeat.

Build a website that focuses on what renters expect. Every page should explain the benefit to the client for contacting you.

Write a basic SEO strategy that Google will build on over the next six months.

The goal is organic traffic you don't have to pay for.

What tools are you going to use to tell people about your website?

Social media

Email marketing

Paid online ads

Print advertising

Referral incentives

Where do renters spend their time? How do you advertise at those places?

Of the marketing tools you're using, which one's are attracting renters?

How long are they staying on your website?

How many are filling out your contact form?

How many are converting to a deal?

Step 1: Business Plan

Step 2: Website

Step 3: Marketing

Step 4: Leads

Take time to work ON your business, not just IN your business. Whether you've been in business many years or are just starting out, spend time writing a business model. A business model is fluid; it changes every six months to a year. You should revisit it frequently to make sure you continue to grow and evolve your business year over year.

Your website is an ongoing work in progress. You should make a running list of unique content that your website visitors will value. If you are attracting renters to your website, what knowledge could you share to improve their experience? Give them free reports and checklists without asking anything in return. Your job is to solve your clients problem.

The act of Marketing includes many tasks and measuring them all. You must set up systems to measure your results, and spend time reviewing the results and making changes every week. Only through this process will you learn what generates the most leads in your area. What is your ideal client? Who are you trying to attract?

Automation is key to convert visitors to leads. Setting up a series of ten automated emails that go out to potential clients is a great idea. You can measure which email they respond too the best. Focus on attraction marketing. Draw people in to you, your knowledge, and website instead of chasing them down with phone calls.


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