Lead Funnels


We create custom automated lead funnels for apartment locators

Apartment locators spend 90% of their time on transactions, and 10% on lead generation and invoice collection. Our team educates locators that this is not a sustainable business plan. Our team spends 10+ hours with each client to understand their current methods, and the revenue those methods have generated over the last three years. We then dismantle those methods and rebuild using a predictable profitability model, so our clients are in control of their lead pipeline, and not at the mercy of the market.

Building a successful apartment locating business revolves around a lead funnel, and how many leads you can add to the funnel each week. We teach our clients to focus on tasks they can control, so they can engineer their revenue regardless of market conditions. It's absurd to set revenue goals based on items you have no control over like construction rates, commission rates, or average rental rate. Our lead funnel focuses on two numbers; average invoice amount and closing ratio. When you calculate your average invoice by your closing ratio, the number of leads you need to generate is a mathematical formula. The lead funnel is complex but the system does most of the work, so your revenue remains the same regardless of market conditions or time of year.

Our automated lead funnel includes sales, marketing, workflow, website, SEO, and email marketing. These systems give you control over a profitable business that performs predictably with a pipeline of leads. Based on the estimates below, we build custom automated lead funnels for our apartment locating clients and facilitate in-house marketing tasks on an average of 80 hours per month. The industry experience we provide is immeasurable; the marketing functions we create are measured with revenue.



Task Description Set Up Hours Monthly Hours  
Onboarding 5    
SEO Strategy 5 8 2 hours/week
Website Development/Data Integration 80 12 3 hours/week
Workflows/Automation 20 8 2 hours/week
Email Marketing 20 12 3 hours/week
Blog Content 4 6 1 post/month
Lead Generation 4 12 3 hours/week
Lead Tracking 4 8 2 hours/week
Social Media Posts 4 8 2 hours/week
Marketing/Reporting 6 8 2 hours/week
Client Communication 4 4 1 hours/week
   156 Hours  86 Hours  



Step One: Create a foundation to support an infinite number of leads from an infinite number of sources. Your system and processes should support 100 leads a month or 1000 leads a month with the same efficiency.

Step Two: Add prospects to your lead funnel and rely on the system to turn them into transactions. The lead funnel should qualify prospects and weed out time wasters effortlessly.


Onboarding is often overlooked and under valued. Fully understanding your sales and revenue goals before starting the project is critical.


Each SEO strategy must be uniquely written for each client. Especially clients in the same space, otherwise the strategy is diluted for everyone.


The theme of your website is usually developed during the onboarding session. Every website we create is unique, and includes live data to each of it's pages.


Our team provides weekly reports detailing all of the tasks we've completed for each client, including the number of leads generated, and website analytics.


We track every lead, landing page, and lead source from week to week. We can identify exactly which lead sources are producing the highest returns.


Email marketing consistently produces some of the highest returns on new leads. We write an email marketing campaign that runs automatically from your lead funnel.

Optimizing every area of your business!

From mission and vision, website architecture, lead automation, and reporting, we cover it all.