Apartment Locator Websites


Your brand communicates your system, process, experience, testimonials, expectations, ratings, property relationships, benefits, terms, and agreements. Every written word about your brand should clearly communicate how your brand benefits the client.


Brands constantly evolve and become more efficient. With every transaction, you should identify inefficiencies in your business and create a system to resolve it. Your brand requires a time commitment every month; set it and forget it does not work with brands.


Your website should be the lead funnel for every prospect, qualified lead, repeat client, and referral. When your brand clearly communicates the benefit to each client, and your website has appropriate landing pages for each lead, your brand will consistently produce leads and your lead funnel will nurture each lead the same.


Renters have access to 50+ websites and mobile apps to search for an apartment. Luxury renters are sophisticated, and expect sophisticated technology to assist in their search. If you want to compete for the luxury renter, you must offer service, convenience, and sophistication other apps aren't offering.

Apartment Locating Brand Questions

Is your apartment locating company easy to find online and easy to share with others?

Do your client reviews encourage people to do business with you?

Do you want to increase referral business from friends, family, and past clients?

Can renters search and find available apartments on your website?

Can renters ask for availability from available apartments on your website?

Are you tracking all marketing sources through your website?


Easy To Remember
Easy To Spell
Easy To Repeat


websites are a short term solution

  • Complete our apartment locating branding development template.
  • The primary purpose of your website is to convert leads.
  • Discuss your business goals, brand priorities, and lead expectations.
  • Domain selection.
  • Company logo.
  • Company and agent biography and experience.
  • Define market area and featured properties.
  • Custom design template.
  • SEO goals.
  • Website keywords.
  • Page titles.
  • Page descriptions.
  • Logo.
  • Central contact database or connect to your CRM.
  • TREC Compliance.
  • Realtor or trade affiliations.
  • Better business bureau.
  • Minimum 500 word biography otherwise Google ranks lower.
  • Featured properties, images, pricing, floor plans, and availability.
  • Lead generating contact form and landing page.
  • Property map and navigation.
  • Interactive home page to boost bounce rate.
Pricing Search
  • Select your properties by price point and geographic area.
  • We provide the data, pricing, and photos for your selected properties.
  • We do not provide the apartment name or address so your website visitors must contact you for information.
Social Leads
  • Facebook business page
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Yelp
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Hosting
  • Domain purchase
  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile version
  • Lead capture
  • Google analytics
  • Success tracking

Apartment Locating Website Strategy

Building and maintaining a website that generates leads, requires constant attention. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone, your website needs to be “touched” several days a week. (I make changes to our website on average four days a week.) Let’s take your landing pages as one example. The purpose of landing pages is to convert leads from your lead funnel. Part of your weekly duties is to monitor the conversion rate of each landing page, so you can improve the conversion rates each month. If you have five landing pages, one for each lead source, you should plan at least one hour per page per month.

Informational websites that you “set and forget” do not generate leads. Your weekly action plan should include time to go over Google Analytics and measure the conversion rate of each web page. You should be calculating the ROI of each lead source and traffic stats from marketing campaigns. Every lead generated should be placed in your lead funnel so you can monitor success and duplicate the results.

Whether you do it yourself or hire our professional team, you need a written website strategy. Your website should be the epicenter of every lead, so undervaluing its importance is a costly mistake. As a general guideline, Rental Advisors estimates initial onboarding and website design should take approximately 85-90 hours. After the website is launched, plan approximately 10 hours a week on your website. Editing, monitoring, measuring, and writing new content is your primary focus.

Our team is uniquely positioned to execute a website strategy for apartment locators. We are the only marketing company that works exclusively with apartment locators, and we enjoy leveraging our experience to help locators who want to take their business to the next level.



CAUTION: Website designers are notorious for underestimating the scope of a project and never finishing it. Typically, a designer will ask for full or partial payment, and once they exceed the estimated time to complete the project, they stop replying to phone calls and emails. WordPress sites especially can incur unexpected delays if a designer has not previously worked with a theme. If you purchase our data feed to integrate into your WordPress theme, you should also expect further delays as your designer will not be familiar with our data fields or data format. The onboarding and SEO strategy portion of your website design should take approximately 10 hours. Investing this time up front will reduce delays down the line.