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The data feed is raw data organized in a format called XML. It's a bunch of symbols and arrows with our data organized in between. If I showed it to you, you could read it, but the only benefit is that other programs can read the feed and import the data into their system. For example, RentLinx is an online listing service that publishes rental listings to numerous rental websites. Rental Advisors is not affiliated with RentLinx in any way, but you can research their rental partners and pricing on their website. After you create an account with RentLinx, you can make Rental Advisors an administrator on your account and we will publish a data feed to your account for apartments you want to advertise. Their system taps our feed every day so your pricing stays current and you do not have to spend 10-15 hours manually entering your listings.


Another popular use is WordPress. If you have a website powered by WordPress and you are using one of their real estate themes, you can import our data feed to your listings. You can set up a recurring update of pricing to obtain the SEO value from Google.


Our data feed can be imported to practically any technology that uses XML data or spreadsheet data. Once you purchase our data, in most cases we will grant permission to use in multiple formats.




The Apartment IDX is a custom Google Map you install on your website to attract renters and capture their contact information. The IDX is customized specifically for your branding, and all leads are sent to an email you designate. The primary goal of your website is to capture rental leads. When a renter finds your website but cannot view or search available apartments, they will simply go to another website. Renters are consumers, they need to obtain an apartment. Your website should provide the information they need, and the Apartment IDX allows you to do that in a cost effective way.


If you have a marketing strategy for using our products, they pay for themselves by generating leads. We can help you design a strategy and set goals over the next six months for predictable profitability.

The primary objective of your website is to provide what your customer needs. Your customers need an apartment. If potential clients go to your website and don't find apartment pricing and availability, they are going to search one of your competitors.


People have 50+ websites and mobile apps at their disposal. If you search Google for "Houston Apartments" or "Dallas Apartments", you will see exactly who you're competing against. You must have an aggressive marketing strategy if you want to compete.


Our research shows approximately 80,000 people have leases expiring each month in major metro cities. Our research also shows there are approximately 5,000 apartment locators nationwide. There is absolutely no reason why every apartment locator can't close 20-25 deals a month.


We designed our Apartment IDX to help individual apartment locators compete with national rental websites. FACT: Websites with 30+ landing pages, convert 7 times more leads. Our Apartment IDX is the fastest way to create unique content and landing pages for your website.


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Austin Apartment Database

Birmingham Apartment Database

Dallas Apartment Database

Denver Apartment Database

Houston Apartment Database

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Orlando Apartment Database

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