Why your apartment locating website isn’t making money


Building an apartment locating website that generates leads has many layers and considerations. The buyer's psychology that drives website visitors to request your help and fill out a lead form is complex. Below is a list of tips we've collected that may be negatively affecting lead conversion from your website.
  1. You aren't convincing your website visitors to use your service.
  2. Your website visitors don't want to use a locator, and your content didn't change their mind.
  3. Your website reads like a resume with a couple of apartment pictures on it.
  4. Website visitors can't search available apartments in their area.
  5. Your content hasn't been updated in six months or longer.
  6. Your lead generating form is hard to find.
  7. Your lead generating form asked too many questions.
  8. Your lead generating form isn't linked to an email system that automatically follows up with your leads over the next 8-10 weeks.
  9. You don't have a lead generating form on your website because you prefer they call or email you, so you don't have the ability to track if your website is making money or not.
  10. Your website doesn't offer your friends, family, past clients, and website visitors and easy way to share your website with others.
  11. Your website doesn't offer your friends, family, past clients, and website visitors an easy way to send you referrals.
  12. Your website doesn't link to multiple sources of social media.
  13. Your social media pages haven't seen fresh content in weeks, possibly months, or heaven forbid a year.
  14. You don't add new followers to your social media accounts every week with the intention of inviting them to check out your website. (It doesn't matter if they are moving or not - they probably know someone who is.)
  15. You don't have a marketing budget and therefore don't have a marketing strategy.
  16. In the competitive space of apartment locating websites you haven't figured out how to be unique.
  17. You have no idea where you rank on Google, so you have no idea how to beat out your competitors.
  18. You don't know who your apartment locating competitors are on Google.
  19. Your website layout isn't mobile responsive so your losing 40% of your potential leads from mobile users.
  20. You don't track your lead sources, so you have no idea where to spend your time or money on advertising.
  21. You've never looked at your Google Analytics report.


If you want to convert more leads with your apartment locating website, but don't know how to get started, Rental Advisors can help! We specialize in the apartment locating industry, and create websites that convert more rental leads. There is no single tool that magically generates leads. We work with apartment locators with long term vision who agree generating leads is a complex and multi-faceted process, but well worth the effort for long term growth. Successful apartment locating companies execute lead generating strategies consistently; they don’t take extraordinary risk by turning and burning leases.