• Hi, we are Rental Advisors

    We build products to generate leads for apartment locating websites.

  • Customized apartment data feeds

    Our apartment data feeds can be used with any database driven website or mobile app.

  • Searchable apartment maps

    Low cost plug-in to add searchable apartments to any website.


Our products generate rental leads on your website.

The primary responsibility of every apartment locator and real estate agent is to generate leads. Nothing else matters if you don't generate leads consistently. If you are marketing your apartment locating service online, through email marketing, social media promoted posts, or any other advertising platform, you need data to drive traffic.

Rental Advisors builds products that deliver the data you need!

Lead generating tools for the apartment locating industry.

We've been designing apartment locating software since 2005. We launched our apartment data feed in 2015 and our searchable apartment apartment map in 2017.

Apartment Map

Our apartment map is a simple plugin that can be added to any website. The monthly subscription is $99/month. No contract, cancel any time. Rent updated daily. It's the easiest way to add searchable apartments to your website. The map comes with 12 custom options so you can choose how it's displayed. We've seen several clients use the map to increase their SEO ranking to Page One of Google. On average, our clients receive approximately 50 leads a month from the map.

Apartment Data Feed

Create unlimited data feeds to generate leads. The monthly subscription is $299/month. No contract, cancel any time. Access the data in many formats and use it with services that generate rental leads. Examples: Add property listings to your website to increase your SEO ranking to generate more leads from your website. Publish online rental ads on national apartment websites like apartments.com. Create searchable Google Maps and publish on your social media. Use the data to write new content on your website and blast it through email marketing.

Apartment Locating Website

Complete turn-key apartment locating website. The design, installation of the data feed, and the cost data (for one market) is included in the cost of $6,995. Depending on our project calendar, we can usually launch a website within 6 weeks. We can launch an apartment locating website faster than any other company, because we know our data best. We have a less expensive option that is $3,495, but it does not include the design; only the technical elements.