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    We build products to generate leads for apartment locating websites.

  • Customized apartment data feeds

    Our apartment data feeds can be used with any database driven website or mobile app.

  • Searchable apartment maps

    Low cost plug-in to add searchable apartments to any website.


Our products generate rental leads on your website.

The primary responsibility of every apartment locator and real estate agent is to generate leads. Nothing else matters if you don't generate leads consistently. If you are marketing your apartment locating service online, through email marketing, social media promoted posts, or any other advertising platform, you need data to drive traffic.

Rental Advisors builds products that deliver the data you need!

We're experts in the apartment locating industry.

We've been designing apartment locating software since 2005. We launched our apartment data feed in 2015 to help locators offer a free apartment data search on their website.

Google declares you have less than 10 seconds after a website visitor arrives at your website, to show the product or service they need, or they will hit their back button and go to the next real estate website in the search results.

As an apartment locator and real estate agent, you need to show renters you have access to all of the apartment inventory in your city. One of the reasons apartments.com is the most popular apartment search engine is because they have practically every single apartment in the U.S. on their website.

When a potential client lands on your apartment locating or real estate website, our apartment map instantly shows them you work with every apartment in the area. The searchable apartment map gives you credibility, shows you are knowledgeable of the local apartment market, and gives them a tool to begin their apartment search immediately.

Generating rental leads with apartment listings

To operate any business in today’s economy, you need a website that displays all of your products and services. You should think of your website as an e-commerce site. Even though you aren’t selling a tangible product like shoes, real estate websites still need to “showcase their product” in the form of available inventory.

Every rental lead you generate, and every potential client you meet, has already been on apartments.com. In some cases, the client may know more about the current pricing and availability in the area than you do from extensive online research. When you direct them to your website, they are naturally going to compare your site with other rental websites they visited. They will expect to see apartment images, pricing, availability, and basic property information on the apartments in your area.


Their subconscious buyer’s psychology is looking for:

  1. Credibility through reviews from previous clients.
  2. Knowledge of the city, suburbs, or metroplex.
  3. A track-record of experience and satisfied customers.
  4. Searchable inventory of available apartments.


There are only two ways to add searchable inventory of available apartments to your website.

  1. Manually type the apartment listings yourself. The biggest challenge to manually type your own apartment database are the property images. The biggest challenge to maintaining your own apartment database are the frequent changes to the rent and property names. As a business owner, your time is a precious commodity. Don’t waste it building and maintaining a database when Rental Advisors offers a low-cost solution.
  2. Purchase one of our low-cost apartment data feeds or apartment maps, and quickly install them on your website. You can be up and running the same day and begin advertising your site and generating leads.