Product: Apartment List

Searchable Apartment List

If you want renters to stay on your website and contact you for help, you must offer searchable apartments and pricing. Otherwise your website is basically a resume. Promoting your credentials and explaining how your service works has it's place on your website, but 90% of your site needs to focus on solving your clients problem.

If your website doesn't have individual property listings, our apartment list will display up to 50 featured apartments on your website. It is customizable with your logo and branding. Both include a lead capture form on every listing. Both are updated daily with our exclusive data feed.

Driving Traffic To Your Apartment List

After you install the apartment list on your website, you must drive traffic to it. The benefit of the list is to improve the user experience, and demonstrate a buyer's psychology that you work with these apartments in your area. However, if you don't drive customers to the list, it won't generate leads.

  1. Add the list to your primary navigation toolbar so it's easy to find.
  2. Write 500-1000 unique words on the page where the list is displayed. This will help Google know the purpose of the page. Words (aka content) is THE most important element that determines your website ranking.
  3. Use low competition keywords in your 500-1000 words. For example, search "Houston Apartment Search" on Google and see what search results come up. If there aren't many "relevant" search results, and if none of the search results are apartment locators, then this is an easy search term for you to dominate. Try other combinations of similar words.
  4. Add a link to your email signature "Cheap Houston Apartments" and link to the page with the list.
  5. Send an email blast to your past clients, lead database, and sphere of influence promoting your new list and asking them to use it.
  6. Publish a link to the page on your social media channels several times a month and use low competition keywords in your caption.


After you purchase one of our tools, please follow our installation instructions to increase organic traffic to your website. If you prefer, you can hire our team to conduct the keyword research and write the content described in the instructions.

Apartment List Features

50 featured apartment listings displayed on a mobile responsive list. Show your website visitors a sample of the properties that use your service.

  • Works on any website. Easy installation with copy/paste iFrame.
  • Property listings display full image gallery, floor plans, and accurate pricing.
  • Rent is updated every night at midnight through our exclusive data feeds.
  • Hand pick the featured properties through our dashboard. Change the properties at any time.
  • Each listing includes a lead capture form.
  • 100% mobile responsive.
  • All leads are delivered to your inbox.
  • Custom email auto-responder from your email address to each lead.