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Advertising Your Apartment Locating Service Through Digital Marketing

Whether you are a dry cleaner, mechanic, or apartment locator, customers will find you through digital marketing. Digital marketing includes any form of marketing that exists online.

  1. Publishing ads on rental websites.
  2. Email blast with MailChimp or other drip marketing campaign.
  3. Mobile app advertising.
  4. Blog writing.
  5. Short videos on YouTube or Live Instagram/Facebook.
  6. Infographics.
  7. eBooks.
  8. Testimonials.
  9. Boosting Facebook posts or paid ads.
  10. Instagram ads.
  11. Adding new followers every week.
  12. Yelp ads and promotions.
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Step 1

Identify a “valuable” topic.
-Top 5 mistakes when signing a lease.
-Best move in special this week.

Step 2

Write 500 compelling words.
Include a lead capture form on every post or sidebar.

Step 3

Publish on free platforms.
Post every few weeks until it stops producing leads.

Spending two hours a week creating one valuable piece of information that can be redistributed forever is well worth the investment. You can literally write about anything; it doesn’t even have to be excellent writing. Google doesn’t care how great the writing is, it only cares that people read it, like it, and share it.

If you repeat this process one a week for three months, you will have enough content to redistribute for a year. This produces a much higher return than daily Instagram posts that lose their value within days.