Week 7: Apartment Locating Captions That Convert

A well crafted caption can be the difference between social media engagement and crickets. Personally I prefer short captions, but I had to acknowledge that not everyone is like me. Personally I don’t like videos either, but clearly YouTube has proven me a minority. It’s natural to assume the way you engage with social media is how others engage, but it’s simply not true. Some people enjoy reading a caption about your life that is three paragraphs long, so take extra time and write thoughtful posts that will capture your audience. Create a library of meaningful captions and you can reuse them on future posts.

Use the tips I’ve listed below to write apartment locating captions that convert online leads. You’ll receive more likes and comments on each post, which sends signals to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that your content is good and it should show up more often in the news feed. This is also known as organic traffic.

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We’ve all seen apartment locating posts with a collage of beautiful interior photos with a caption that reads:

***Move In Special*** Two months free on this gorgeous apartment in Uptown. Call me to schedule a tour!”

These posts have zero engagement value, and it’s possible they are hurting your overall brand. They are bland and boring. No one looking for an apartment is going to contact you off this post. If you were looking for an apartment, would you DM the owner of this post?

“Is your fur baby asking for it’s own room? Upgrade to this spacious 2 bedroom #uptownapartment with over 1,200 square feet. Lucky for you, this property is offering 2 months free! Location? Ask my DM’s for more info.”

See the difference? Your captions should include personality, humor, and sound like you’re talking to a real person. Don’t abbreviate your captions or use industry lingo; clever words don’t sell. Use simple and straightforward language that tells your audience exactly what you want them to do “Ask my DM’s for more info”.

Why are captions important?

The obvious answer is to increase engagement. Social media platforms track how many likes, comments, and shares your content receives. The more social signals, the more often the platform will post your content to new people and increase your organic traffic. Engagement may sound like a shallow goal, but when your content is helpful and your audience begins to promote you, your content becomes a source of leads.

A more substantial goal is to build stronger client relationships. Online leads are not ready to commit to using your service from the first point of contact. First you need to build a relationship that convey’s trust and experience. If a new follower reaches out to you through a DM, email, or comment on a post, that is an invitation to start a conversation.

The ultimate goal is referrals. When your posts and captions are relatable to your audience and include value, your followers will share your posts. Those shares are magic to grow your following. You can subtly ask for referrals in your captions, although I wouldn’t recommend it on every post.

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Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never write another boring caption. Try to stay away from repeating what other apartment locators post. Imagine having a conversation with a co-worker who needs to move. You would want to provide valuable information, and build a rapport with your co-worker. Go through this same exercise when writing your posts and you can avoid lame captions that people scroll past.

Here are few post and caption samples you can use to deliver a better social strategy to your apartment locating brand.

  • Events & News. Do you have a personal or professional event coming up? Screenshot the ad to a networking event and share it on your page. Have stock photos saved of properties where you frequently refer clients, and post when you close a lease. Don’t forget to tag anyone involved in the event.
  • Client Appreciation. Take a screen shot from Yelp, Facebook, or Google of a raving review and share it with your audience. Make your caption about your client and how they had a positive impact on your life and business.
  • Milestones. You can share personal milestones on your business page. People connect with personal accomplishments. Post a picture that celebrates weight loss, running a 5K, or getting back in your workout routine. Professional milestones might include a new certification, a goal of LinkedIn connections, and everything beyond.
  • FAQ. When a client asks a question that could educate your audience, post the answer in a blog and create a link to your social media.
  • Giving Back. Take photos of charity or church events you participate in and tell your audience how they can get involved or support the cause. The post doesn’t have to be a humble brag about yourself, it can highlight the organizer of the event or other attendees.
  • Back in the Day. Share a piece of advice your parents or grandparents gave you growing up. Share a photo of you in high school for “throwback Thursday” #tbt. People love stories so tell your audience how it played a role in your life.
  • Agree or Disagree. Tell an opinion on a relevant topic or the way you responded to a bizarre situation and ask your audience to agree or disagree.
  • Advice & Questions. People love to give advice. Ask a question that people can relate to on a personal level. What was your favorite birthday gift you ever received? I’m planning a vacation with a $5K budget, where should I go? Is buying Super Bowl tickets worth the money?
  • Quotes. Create a library of screenshots of encouraging words that will inspire others. They can be serious or funny. Share your story about a quote that reminds you of a challenging time in your life. Your social media should be authentic, it’s a good idea to show a picture of you not being your best every now and then.
  • Who Wore it Best? Show two pictures side by side and ask your audience to pick their favorite. Avoid boring photos of two kitchens or bedrooms. Take two funny photos of you in a kitchen burning dinner or your kids fully dressed sitting in an empty bathtub. Make it fun!
  • Goals. Share a future goal or accomplishment you are working toward in 1 year or 5 years. Take a picture of your goal setting process, white boards, or journaling. People love being part of the process.
  • Simple pleasures. Take pictures that remind your audience to enjoy life with simple pleasures. Show them enjoying your weekend, or with your kids. People do business with people, show them a personal side.
  • Humor. Create funny apartment humor meme’s that poke fun but don’t offend. Creating meme’s can be very time consuming so if you share memes from other pages, make sure you include credit.

Keep your captions light.

  • Does bae need more closet space?
  • Does your fur baby need it’s own room?
  • Are you the Jefferson’s and ready to move on up?
  • Do you want to fill your empty nest with luxury amenities?
  • Does your fur baby need a yard?
  • Does your new whip need a garage?
  • Is your side hustle turning into a full time gig? Upgrade to a home office!
  • Are you bringing sexy back this summer? This property has a killer gym!
  • Tired of stepping in dog poop in the hallway?
  • Tired of your neighbor stealing your parking spot?

Deliver a specific call to action (CTA)

  • Tag a friend who hates their apartment.
  • Tag a friend who needs to move at the end of the school year.
  • Link in my bio to the top 5 apartments for luxury amenities.
  • Click my blog to get all the info.
  • Comment below if you think I’m crazy.
  • Call before 5pm & get a 20% rent rebate.
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