Product: Apartment Data Feed

Every renter who arrives at your website has already been on They expect a similar experience on your website. As an apartment locator, you must show searchable apartment listings otherwise renters will hit the back button and find another website with the information they need.

Google says you have less than 10 seconds to show your customer the product and price they are looking for before they hit the back button. Rental Advisors is the only company that sells a searchable apartment database to apartment locators. If your website developer is building your site in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or any other database website with SQL, our data feed is all you need to populate your apartment listings.

  • XML format via a live URL.
  • Excel format available for download.
  • Pricing is updated electronically every night at midnight.
  • Images are available by referencing a URL string.
  • Over 100 fields of information on each property.
  • Studio, one, two, and three bedroom floor plans included.
  • Works perfectly with WP All Import WordPress plug-in.

$499 set up + $299/month

*Month to month, cancel any time. You are responsible for installing it on your website.

Documentation & Testing

We offer a data feed with over 100 pieces of information and floor plans at each property. The properties included in the data feed are controlled by a dashboard provided to each client. This eliminates the need the query the data feed before importing it. The data feed also comes with a testing format that includes 5 properties. After testing is complete, uncheck a box in the dashboard and the entire feed is live.

Sample Apartment Data Feed

Below is one sample data feed for the Houston market. It shows the most popular fields available and the XML data structure. If the data feed doesn't include a piece of information you need, send us an email and we may be able to add it.

How The Is Data Updated

The data is updated every night at midnight from 11 different data feeds we purchase. We import the external data feeds from various sources into our system, and then disseminate that information to our customers.

What Data Is Not Included

If the apartment communities do not distribute the information, we cannot purchase it. Commission rates are not made public, and in most cases move in specials are not available because they change too frequently.

Custom Data Feed Requirements

If our standard data feed does not match your requirement we can provide a quote for a custom data feed built exclusively for your project. In some cases a custom data feed would save months of time for your developer and allow you to generate revenue faster. In most cases a custom data feed cost an additional one time set up fee of $299.