Website + Data Feed

We've been building apartment locating software since 2005. We are the only company that offers an apartment data feed and integrates it with a WordPress real estate theme. We can design, integrate, and launch an apartment locating website faster than any other company.

Professional Website Templates

We own most of the popular real estate WordPress themes so you don't need to purchase one. We will connect our data feed to the theme you select and import the property listings. You can select as many apartments as you want to be featured on your website. Each property listing will be written to maximize SEO and include a lead capture form. If you have a different theme in mind, please let us know and we're happy to make sure your desired theme is compatible with our data feed.

How To Choose A Theme

There are hundreds of real estate WordPress themes but some are not designed well. To prevent your website from getting hacked and injected with malware (which may require you to rebuild it) it's important to pick a theme with a quality developer. If the developer leaves holes in the code, hackers can exploit it.

If you find a website you like, I can figure out which WordPress theme they used.
I will not copy another website, but using the same theme can be a similar starting point.
No matter which template you choose, your website will not look like any other locating site.

Next We Maximize The Design For SEO

After we connect the data feed and populate the property listings, next we optimize your website for SEO. Every title, photo, and paragraph on every page must be tagged a certain way so Google can read it correctly when they index your site. Google doesn't care about your website design, their bots only read the way the content it tagged.

Property Listings

The property listings created by our data feed are going to give you the greatest SEO benefit. You will instantly have hundreds of pages of relevant content added to your site and able to display the listings in organized grids throughout your site.

On-Page SEO

Every website we build contains the most critical SEO elements for ranking. These include the main keyword in the url for custom post types, title tag, meta description, H1 & H2 tags, content, and anchor text to inner pages.

Lead Capture Forms

Your home page and every property listing will include a custom lead capture form that is delivered to your inbox.

Robust Search

Your website will have a search box so website visitors can search all of the listings. Depending on which theme you choose, search results can be displayed on a map and saved by your users.

Local Expert

The combination of a beautifully designed theme, hundreds of the most popular apartments, property photos, and property descriptions will instantly convey professionalism, credibility, expertise, and product knowledge to everyone who visits.

Google Analytics

Most apartment locators only measure results by the number of leads received. However, it's also important to track your Google analytics so you can identify the content that is delivering the most free leads from Google. After the website is launched, you will need to market the site and drive traffic.

We build locating brands

We believe your website is an investment and our goal is to help you make at least three times your money back within the first six months. We want to help you build your locating brand. Many of our clients are on page one of Google because we know how to use our data to build SEO. We've been building technology for locators since 2005 so we know the industry and we know how to help you build your online presence.

WordPress + Data Feed

Set up files on server & hosting
Theme Installation & Set Up
On-Page SEO Research
Add properties to data feed
Map data feed to theme & taxonomies
Publish listings & property images
Final design elements & company branding
Neighborhood pages with grid, content + lead capture
Apartment map installed and unique content written for SEO on the page
Any five core pages of your choice + lead capture
Full SEO research package on volume and competitors
Local SEO research package
CRM integration. Free email & text templates to get you started.
Maintenance/Tech Support
Weekly data feed updates your listings
All inclusive access to all of our website tools


Cancellation: You own the website. It’s your intellectual property. If you cancel after 12 months we can remove the data feed and apartment map but continue to host it for $180/year.

$ 3495 + $249/mo for 1 year
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