Looking for leads? We sell online leads exclusively to apartment locators

March 13, 2023: This program has been discontinued. You can call the office (619) 736-8807 to discuss your online lead needs.


Jodi Southwick has been my secret weapon for more than a decade. Anytime she wants to test a new lead source, I always say yes. I love my repeat and referral clients, but online leads create steady lead volume. On average I am able to get about 80% of the leads I speak to into giving my service a chance. Then I probably turn about 15-20% of the leads into leases. I'm a great real estate agent, but I'm not a great internet lead generator, so I hired Jodi because she's the best in this industry.

Ty Counts @ Apartment World, Jan 2023
Capture . Convert . Close

High Value Leads

We publish high quality apartment listings on high traffic rental websites and sell the leads exclusively to apartment locators. Our online lead marketplace is an easy and immediate solution for apartment locators who need leads.

  • Purchase 50 leads for $350.
  • The leads will be distributed equally in rotation to other locators buying leads in the same market.
  • If you want to secure your position in the rotation, you can auto-renew your purchase when you run out of leads.
  • We don't sell the same lead to multiple locators.
  • The leads are for one bedroom apartments between $1,100 - $3,400.
  • Lead sources are, Apartment List,,, & Rental Source.
  • The majority of the leads (82%) include a phone number and email address.
Flat Rate Per Lead

To keep the rotation fair and equal for all participants, we are offering packs of 50 leads for $350. It will give you a good assessment if the leads work for you.

Conversion & Closing Ratio

My clients have responded to these leads for 12 months. They report a 70%-80% conversion rate by text and phone call. Of those who respond, 15%-20% sign a lease.

Return On Investment

These conversion & closing rates convert a $350 investment for 50 leads into approximately 5-7 signed leases.

Dallas Apartment Locator
Dallas Apartment Locator

Jodi, you have no idea how empowered I feel by the CRM we created and continue to create together. I am feeling very hopeful and excited about what 2023 has in store! The CRM has been so amazing just in helping me to streamline my activities with my clients and to really provide them with a more interactive experience. Jodi, I can't thank you enough because I feel that you have really invigorated my business after being a locator for seven years. Because of your advice and skill you have helped turn my business into something I take pride in and become the apartment locator I always knew I was but I just didn't have the tools to make it happen. For that I want to thank you for all you do for us as locators. You keep being you!!! Please don't ever lose your passion to help others and your amazing work ethic and expertise is truly a gift to the industry. Shae Hatter @ Dallas Apartment Finders.

Shae Hatter, Jan 2023

I never stress about generating online leads because I know Jodi is doing it for me. Online leads supplement my other lead sources and many times it's a quick transaction because they need to move in the next 30 days. On average, I convert 80% and close 30% of the leads I receive from Jodi's sources. I've been a Houston locator for 24 years, so I know lead sources come and go, but Jodi is always finding new ones. David Moore, Broker @

David Moore, Jan 2023

How To Convert At A Higher Rate

Dramatically improve your conversion rate by setting up automatic texting and lead nurturing tools.

Connect Your Systems

Every apartment locator should sign-up for a free account on It’s super simple to use. Free to connect up to 5 of your email/crm/messaging services. They offer thousands of connections to practically any platform.

Personalized Automated Texting

95% of texts are read within 3 minutes. No hidden fees. Pay only for outbound text messages. Inbound SMS is FREE. Write automated outgoing templates.

Free email auto-responder

Free up to 1,000 contacts. Lots of features. Simple to set up email templates turn online leads into hot leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What I Can Control...

Generating online rental leads is hard, and the rules are always changing. These are the elements we can control to improve the quality of the leads you receive.

  1. If the incoming lead is a duplicate.
  2. The price range of the apartment advertised.
  3. The geographical location of the apartment advertised.
  4. The content of the ad.
  5. If the incoming lead email is a dummy email.
  6. If a website like starts sending leads, I can block the leads.
  7. How many locators are allowed in the program based on lead volume.
What I Cannot Control...

We are fortunate to have partnerships with companies that publish listings on high volume rental websites but we cannot control every aspect of incoming leads.

  1. If the phone number is a required field.
  2. The number of income leads each month.
  3. If the renter has bad credit or bad rental history.
  4. Which rental websites publish our ads.
  5. Your conversion ratio.
  6. Your closing ratio.
  7. Your email responder/automation.

How Do We Pick The Apartments To Advertise?

As an engineer, I naturally look at the numbers. My specialty is finding patterns in the data and accounting for outliers beyond my control.

I use, an authority in the job recruiting space, to determine the average salary in each major market. We calculate three times the rent into an average salary range to determine the rent most people can afford in each market. We base all of our calculations on one bedroom apartments.


 Annual SalaryMonthly SalaryRent Range


In most cases we include properties within 15 miles of the city center. In larger metro cities we include popular suburbs as well. It’s a delicate balance between including popular areas but not accidentally excluding areas that might generate quality leads. There isn’t a perfect matrix but this combination has been successful for more than a year.