Tip: Create A Lead Magnet

Swap free information for their email address

Option 1: Digital marketing pieces

Every apartment locator should be swapping free information for their visitors email address. On every website we build, we include a lead capture form on every page. We don't want any barriers to keep your website visitors from filling out a contact form. However, there are different ways to ask for an email address. A lead magnet gives something of value away for free to your website visitors in exchange for their email address. The example below uses 3 free 5-minute videos that promise a 5 minute marketing makeover. When you enter your email address, it is added to a drip marketing campaign that delivers links to these videos in your inbox. Instead of a video you could publish an e-book, movers guide, rental guide, or any other marketing piece that can be downloaded from your website.

Option 2: Offer an added value to your service

Apartment locators could use a coupon similar to the one below but change it to a rebate percentage or a free added service like credit repair or utility sign up in exchange for using your service. You could partner with another service company like an interior designer and offer a free one hour consult after move in. These can be added to your website as a pop-up box or creatively located throughout your website. Most importantly you want to measure which lead magnet gets the best response.

Lead Magnet Ideas

  • Compile a list of monthly coupons offered by movers or partner with a moving company offering a discount to your clients.
  • Add value to your service by offering a utilities connection service or credit repair service. If there is a cost associated you can pay for it instead of offering a rebate. "Use our locating service and we will pay the first 3 months of credit repair".
  • Partner with other service companies like an interior decorator, closet organizer, or dog walker and ask them to offer a discount on your website.
  • The average renters insurance is $10-$15 per month. Offer one year of free renters insurance instead of offering a rebate.
  • Create a coupon with several options and allow them to pick the service they prefer.
  • Research other websites and see what they are giving away. Apartment communities offer free rent as a lead magnet, you could advertise your rebate in a similar way. What do Realtors in your area offer as a lead magnet? What do movers in your area offer as a lead magnet?


Before you create a lead magnet you should write a dedicated drip marketing campaign for those leads. Read our blog Nurturing Leads With Email Auto-Responders for drip marketing instructions. If you write a lead magnet to attract leads that need to move in 30 days or less, please read how Lead Funnels Increase Closing Ratio.

Renters are looking for help. If you package your service in a helpful and informative way, you will generate leads. Using lead magnet's and automation, you can convert a higher percentage of leads into customers.

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Written by Jodi Southwick

Jodi is the CEO of Rental Advisors. She is the creator of the Apartment IDX, and the Founder & President of the National Association of Apartment Locators.

Website: https://rentaladvisors.info