Free Downloads

"You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems."

Atomic Habits ~James Clear

Creating systems and checklists is time consuming. Below is a library of resources you can download for free to get started creating your own systems. I've read numerous business development books over the years, and they share a common practice, habits. Most real estate agents make transactions THE most important priority of the day. However, dedicating time each week to create systems will allow you to hire an assistant that can be helpful from day one by running your systems. Systems will give you peace that each transaction is moving forward. And systems will keep your lead pipeline full.

If you are overwhelmed with tasks, and at the end of the day feel like you didn't get enough accomplished; then you need to invest in systems. Six months of focused system creation will change you life! If you need help creating these systems, request a consult and our team is happy to help.

Locating Business Plan

Apartment locating is such a niche market, it's difficult to find business and marketing plans specific for the industry. I created this business plan with tips I've gained from five real estate books I've read over and over the past 10 years. The insights are timeless and designed to help you brainstorm. Ultimately you can design your business any way you want, but I hope this business plan gives you some fresh ideas. One of my favorite parts of business ownership is creativity. The power to create a business that excites you each day.

Email Templates

Our team creates an email template for EVERYTHING! Creating unique content for every email is time consuming and exhausting. Every lead that comes through your website should get a 14 day drip email campaign. It helps them get to know your brand, and build trust before they commit to working with you. Below are some samples to give you ideas for your own unique lead nurturing campaign. Use the content as a starting place to make the emails your own.

Domain Tips

If you don’t have a domain or are considering creating a new brand, we've compiled some tips to assist in your domain selection. Your domain will be with you possibly forever; repeated tens of thousands of times. Don't get locked in analysis paralysis about it, but definitely consider many options and ask your sphere of influence to rank them and provide opinions. You might be surprised how others interpret your brand. Better safe than sorry to pick a domain that easily translates your brand message.