Your email database is the most profitable marketing asset you own

Lead Capture: Nurture leads with email auto responders

What is an email autoresponder?

An email autoresponder is a tool that sends pre-written emails to every renter who fills out a lead capture form on your website.

According to a study by Episerver, 92% of first-time website visitors have no intention of using your apartment locating service because they don't know anything about you yet. That's the benefit of an email autoresponder.

Write a series of emails once that develops a relationship with your rental prospects, and it pays you back in returns for years.

Nurtured rental leads increase conversions by 20%

Why do you need drip email marketing?

Forester Research reports you can increase sales by 20% if you nurture your leads.

Lead nurturing is simply developing a relationship with your rental prospects over the first few days. Each email moves them deeper into your closing funnel by explaining your value in short messages.

  • Write your values and benefits once, and let the system do the work.
  • Understand their pain points while searching for an apartment.
  • Position your locating service over other apartment locators.
  • Renters need to know they can trust you and that you have knowledge of the apartments in their search area.
  • Every valuable service solves a problem; how is your locating service going to solve theirs?
  • Everyone likes being a VIP, write a drip marketing series that leads them to make a decision to work with you exclusively.
Filling out a contact form is a request for more information; it is not a commitment to work with you.

How many emails should you write?

I recommend a 14 day drip marketing campaign for every rental lead that fills out a lead capture form. Each day should move them deeper into your closing funnel. Choose 10 topics and write short emails on each topic with lots of bullet points. Have each topic linked to a page on your website with more information. I've provided some sample topics below.

  1. Instant email briefly explaining your experience and any questions you want answered.
  2. Day 1 - income restrictions
  3. Day 2 - pet policies
  4. Day 3 - deposits and fees expected
  5. Day 4 - utilities
  6. Day 5 - online guest cards & lease applications
  7. Day 7 -  getting around - walkable areas & public transporation
  8. Day 9 - crime stats or public websites for research
  9. Day 11 - what to do if the application is declined
  10. Day 14 - moving tips and renters insurance

If your closing ratio went from 1 in 10 to 2 in 10 by nurturing leads, you've instantly doubled your income by writing a series of emails.

Move everyone to a long term campaign

Write a 12 month drip marketing campaign for every qualified rental lead that finishes the first 14 day campaign.

Leads and clients should be added to a 12 month campaign so you can continue to nurture them for future services and referrals. Keep emailing until they unsubscribe.

How many emails should you write? Decide how often you want the 12 month campaign to go out. If once a month, write 12 topics and follow the same process as above. If every three weeks, write 17 topics. If every two weeks, write 25 topics.

Don't Procrastinate, Let Us Help!

Our Locator CRM comes with a free drip marketing system.

Written by Jodi Southwick

Jodi is the CEO of Rental Advisors. She is the creator of the Apartment IDX, and the Founder & President of the National Association of Apartment Locators.


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