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A customized service for apartment locators who aren't tech savvy.

Hosting a website is a full time job. Services like GoDaddy and Blue Host have built entire companies around the vast support websites need for security and tech support. Without proper security, your website can easily be injected with malware and require you to completely rebuild your site. Rebuilding is a huge expense to pay a developer to rebuild it but also a huge loss of revenue while your website is down. We also provide a unique service to our VIP Hosting clients; free apartment data to all of our products and services at no additional cost.  This is an all inclusive package combining tech support, server support, free apartment data through our apartment map and data feed.

  • Free WordPress Data Feed.
  • Free Apartment Map.
  • Free MLS Apartment Database.
  • Free Online Rental Leads/Listing Syndication.
  • Free Hosting, SSL Certificate, Daily Backups, and Tech Support.
  • Free Google Analytics & SEM Rush Website Competition Tracking.
Website Maintenance
WordPress Support

All of our apartment locating websites are designed on the WordPress platform. Our VIP Hosting Package includes full support of your WordPress theme and plugins. Daily backups to your website and tech support for any interruptions in service. Last year we had a series of interrupts due to a WordPress update and we had our clients back up in less than 10 minutes.

Online Rental Leads

Our VIP Hosting Package includes free data feeds in popular formats such as Zillow, RentLinx, and Zumper. Publishing online ads to rental websites through listing syndication services can generate leads. If your service has a data feed feature, you can use your MLS Apartment Database to populate your online listings.

Apartment Map

The Apartment Map is the easiest way to generate rental leads from your website, and it's included for free to our VIP Hosting clients. Designed exclusively for apartment locators, we removed apartment names and points of interest from the map so website visitors are required to contact you for more information. The map is mobile responsive on the Google API and can be searched by bedroom and rent amount.

MLS Apartment Database

All of our website packages include a fresh copy of our MLS apartment database for your city. The VIP Hosting Package includes a username and password to control all of your products and services. Remove a property from your apartment map and apartment data feed for any reason. View your leads, CRM, email automation, and free apartment data feeds in one place.

Apartment Data Feed

Your website automatically imports free apartment data feed once a week to update all of your property listings, floor plans, rent, and property photos. We add new construction to the database once a quarter so new properties are automatically added to your website. New data on your website and the frequency your data is updated increases your overall SEO value.

Google Reporting & Tracking

We use Google Analytics, Google Console, and SEM Rush to track the success of your website. We understand the most important matrix is number of leads generated, but there are other technical matrix that can contribute to generating more leads. Website reporting helps you make educated decisions about where to spend marketing dollars to generate the most leads.

Free apartment data for our VIP Hosting clients

Our VIP Hosting Package gives you access to free apartment data for any platform that helps you grow your business. If we don't currently have the data feed you need, we can create one for you.

  • To say that Rental Advisors and Jodi Southwick are the ``wind beneath my wings`` sounds corny, but it is pretty darn accurate. I would say that at least 1/3 of my annual revenue can be traced back to Jodi Southwick. She is the secret ingredient in my my business recipe!

    Tirey Counts

    Tirey Counts

    Broker - Apartment World
  • Jodi is one of the most innovative and creative minds in the apartment industry. She works hard to make my business work effectively and efficiently. She takes the time to go over the best way to make changes that will positively impact my business. She is trustworthy, committed, and delivers on her promises. She is a real superstar...and I'm glad she's on my team.

    David Moore

    David Moore

    Owner - David The Locator
  • Jodi recreated my apartment locating brand into a sophisticated luxury website in Dallas. I constantly get compliments about the richness of my website, and how it represents my brand accurately. I am not a tech savvy person and working with Jodi I don't need to be. When I hired her I had a single landing page, now I have an online lead funnel that generates leads.

    Thomas Edwin

    Thomas Edwin

    Apartment Locator - DASH Realty
VIP Hosting
$ 249 month

  • Unlimited use of our products.
  • Run data feed each week.
  • Free website hosting.
  • SSL certificate.
  • Tech support.
  • Daily backups.
  • Lead tracking/CRM.
  • Email auto-responder.

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