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How to increase organic traffic after purchasing our products


Google will not automatically increase your website traffic by simply adding the map. You MUST tell Google what the page is about by writing 1,000 – 2,000 words of unique content. I recommend writing on a popular topic that relates to searching for an apartment, finding an apartment, moving, or any other topic your Google keyword research recommends.

Your paragraphs should be well formed, and the content well organized so when the Google bots index your page, they know exactly what kind of website visitors you are looking for.


Case Study: Dallas Apartment Locators 

In November I added a brand new page to the Dallas Apartment Locators website and installed the Apartment IDX map onto the page. The SEO value of this page was zero because it never existed before.

In addition to installing the map, I conducted some Google keyword research and wrote approximately 1,000 unique words of content about searching for Dallas apartments using low competition keywords and topics. Lastly, I added the new page with the map to their primary navigation toolbar.


Increased Website Traffic:

  • November = page launched
  • December = 116 new pageviews
  • January = 223 new pageviews
  • February = 203 new pageviews
  • March = 197 new pageviews
  • April = 218 new pageviews
  • TOTAL = 957


  • Within 60 days of launching the page, the Apartment Map is increasing their website traffic by 200+ new visitors a month.
  • The first 5 months, the Apartment Map attracted 957 new website visitors they were not getting before.


How To Duplicate Our Result

  1. Conduct some Google keyword research to find low competition keywords BEFORE you add a new page to your website. For example, search "Houston Apartment Search" on Google and see what search results come up. If there are not many "relevant" search results, and if none of the search results are apartment locators, then this is an easy search term for you to dominate. Try other combinations of similar words.
  2. After you determine the keyword you are going to use, add a new page to your website and include the keyword in the URL. For example if you decide to use keyword “Houston Apartment Search” your page URL would be
  3. Copy/paste the iFrame code from our email that contains your Apartment Map.
  4. Below the map, write an additional 1,000 – 2,000 words using the low competition keyword from your Google research. Make sure the map is located at the top of the page for best results. The 1,000 words of content is primary to attract Google.
  5. Publish the new page.
  6. Add the new page to your website navigation.
  7. Create a Google Analytics report to monitor the increase in traffic.
  8. Publish to your social media channels.
  9. Send an email your marketing database, and ask them to check it out. Google doesn't care where the clicks come from.


Hire Rental Advisors to write your content

Many of our apartment locating clients would rather play golf  or take a road trip than write content. We understand completely. If you prefer to hire us, we offer keyword research and content writing as a service. Content is the best investment you can make in your website. You can hire us once, and reap the benefits of organic traffic for as many years as you keep it posted.