How to build an audience by marketing your website


Do it yourself checklists and guides to write lead generating content. Write valuable information and exchange it for contact information in hopes of making a sale.


A website today is as important as a business card 15 years ago. Our team will implement your vision, and publish searchable apartment listings just like REALTORS®


Use social platforms to follow people and ask them to follow you back. "Like" their content, and they will probably like yours. Capture leads on every page of your website with easy forms. Distribute your valuable information to your social audience and your email distribution list.


"Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. It is the process of creating relationships and satisfying customers."

Step 1

Identify a "valuable" topic.
-Top 5 mistakes when signing a lease.
-Best move in special this week.

Step 2

Write 500 compelling words.
Include a lead capture form on every post or sidebar.

Step 3

Publish on free platforms.
Post every few weeks until it stops producing leads.

Spending two hours a week creating one valuable piece of information that can be redistributed forever is well worth the investment. You can literally write about anything; it doesn't even have to be excellent writing. Google doesn't care how great the writing is, it only cares that people read it, like it, and share it.

If you repeat this process one a week for three months, you will have enough content to redistribute for a year. This produces a much higher return than daily Instagram posts that lose their value within days.