Jodi Southwick
Jodi Southwick

Creator & CEO

This may sound strange, but my passion is data analytics. I started my commercial real estate career at CB Richard Ellis in 1997. I was responsible for several massive databases for our portfolio services team. Our team was the #1 producer in the company, so our databases were crucial. The 5 years I spent at CBRE revealed my fascination with real estate, and my natural gift for data science. The databases I created for our team had a direct impact on our ability to sell 125 gas stations, 30 Home Depot locations, and maintain our #1 producer status. It taught me that database driven technology makes money. I have personally built all of our tools from inception to creation. I didn’t go to college but I’ve written every line of code, and in 2010 I replaced our entire system with cloud technology because I knew it was the future. I absolutely love what I do and I get up every day grateful that I get to help my clients build companies and be successful.

Michele Moellering
Michele Moellering


Michele and Jodi are sisters and have always been very close. Initially Michele joined the team to help with accounting and customer service tasks. However, in 2015 Michele became a 50% partner. Michele doesn’t work in the day to day with Jodi, but she is in a support role and enjoys helping the business grow.

Megan Caywood
Megan Caywood


Megan and Jodi have been friends for over 20 years. Megan serves in a support role with sales and marketing. Having been involved in the business (and friends with Jodi) since its inception, Megan knows the business intimately and has held many roles with the company throughout the years.

Morgan Southwick
Morgan Southwick

Social Media

Morgan is Jodi’s daughter and while she was in college at ASU, she joined the team managing the social media pages for the company. She graduated with her degree in 2018 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her goal of being a talent agent. She still serves in a part time role with the company and supports her mom and aunt.

Our Secret Sauce

Family owned & operated

We love running our company as a family. We’ve all taken different roles to make it successful and celebrating our victories is more fun together. Jodi started the company in 2005 and grew it to Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Phoenix. Megan came on board in 2011 as we were starting the National Association of Apartment Locators. Jodi and Megan traveled all over Texas hosting meetings and promoting the new trade association. Michele joined the team in 2013 to facilitate payments and customer service. Morgan officially joined the family team in 2016 to assist with social media. In 2020 we expanded to two new markets, Denver and Chicago. We are excited to see what new markets our journey leads to in 2021.

Austin Apartments

5,697 Floor Plans

Chicago Apartments

2,898 Floor Plans

Dallas Apartments

18,202 Floor Plans

Denver Apartments

4,809 Floor Plans

Houston Apartments

12,429 Floor Plans

Minneapolis Apartments

5,975 Floor Plans

Phoenix Apartments

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