Searchable Apartment Listings

Embed Apartment Listings Into Your Website

What type of apartment locating website do you own?

Are you advertising on Yelp or Facebook and people go to your website but they don't fill out their information or reply to your messages? I believe any real estate agent can sell any service to any person if the service is packaged correctly. Having good reviews is awesome, but if your website doesn't offer the information they need, they won't request more information from you. You have less than 5 seconds to convert that lead to a prospect.

There are two primary options to build a website. WordPress or an online website builder such as GoDaddy, Wix, or Placester. Regardless of the platform you choose, every renter who comes to your website has already been on or other national rental website. These websites set an expectation to your website visitors so when they arrive at your website, they are expecting to search apartment listings. It's impossible to build a reputable apartment locating brand and connect with today's customers without some sort of searchable online apartment database.

How To Choose An Apartment Locating Website Platform

WordPress is free, fully customizable, trustworthy, and stable. You should never have to "rebuild" your website after it's built.

Easy to import native apartment listings into your website

  1. Adding native apartment listings to your website is one of the best ways to build organic SEO.
  2. If you purchase our apartment data feed or Excel spreadsheet, you can easily populate your WordPress real estate theme using WP All Import PRO. It's an easy drag and drop plug-in to populate your apartment listings.
  3. Your website can be up and running the same day.
  4. Every apartment listing adds a unique page to your website with apartment content. Google indexes these pages when assigning your site rank.
Online website builders are inexpensive and offer a do yourself option for apartment locators with a limited budget.

Embed apartment listings into any online website builder

  1. Our embedded apartment map, apartment grid, and apartment list can be added to any online website builder with a simple copy/paste code.
  2. Your apartment search tools can be up and running the same day.
  3. Your listings are always accurate because they are connected to our database in real time.
  4. Write unique content on the page where you embed or tools and you will see an increase in leads and SEO if you drive traffic to the page.

Not offering searchable apartments on your website is like an insurance broker not offering insurance quotes.

Every real estate agent must display their inventory on their website. Searchable apartment listings on your website satisfies your two most important clients; website visitors and Google.

Rental Advisors offers three products to publish apartment listings on your website: (click on each to see a demo)

  1. Apartment Map
  2. Apartment Grid
  3. Apartment List
  4. Apartment Data Feed

If your website doesn't offer searchable apartment listings, and you have questions about the best way to add them and achieve your goals, request a free consult below. *Customizations can be done to each product to match your logo and brand.

Written by Jodi Southwick

Jodi is the CEO of Rental Advisors. She is the creator of the Apartment IDX, and the Founder & President of the National Association of Apartment Locators.