Week 8: Social Media Planner

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Create categories of topics your audience will find helpful and interesting. Some examples are:

  1. Motivational quotes.
  2. Industry news and events.
  3. Blog posts on your website.
  4. Testimonials or online reviews.
  5. Funny real estate meme’s or real estate lifestyle posts.
  6. Invitations to join your newsletter and blog posts. Build your email marketing database.
  7. Apartment listings on your website.
  8. Apartment search tools (like our Apartment IDX) that generate leads.
  9. Videos you’ve created or are relevant to share.
  10. Ask for referrals.
  11. Share your goals and ask your audience about their goals.
  12. Ask for advice from your audience.
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Next, decide how many posts you want to make each month. Hands down, quality is better than quantity. More posts do not automatically generate more traffic. The act of posting does not improve SEO, the act of engagement does. The goal of every post is that it is liked, commented or shared by your audience.

As an apartment locator you will improve SEO with three well thought out posts a week, and work your audience for likes, comments and shares, more than an arbitrary daily post with zero engagement. Zero engagement = zero SEO value.

  • 3 posts per week = 12 posts per month.
  • Every other day = 15 posts per month.
  • 5 work week posts = 20 posts per month.
  • 1 daily post = 30 posts per month.
  • 2 daily posts = 60 posts per month.


Lastly, take your topics and space them out across how many posts you need each month. If you posted every week day (no weekends) as an example, two-third posts should link back to your website, one-third can be linked to other websites like multi-family blogs, uplifting or funny stories.

  • 3 posts – blog posts you’ve written, apartment listings, apartment IDX maps, or invite to join your newsletter.
  • 1 post – uplifting meme, story or video.
  • 1 post – news or event that promotes your industry knowledge. New property launch or stats on rental rates.



Each month you need 20 posts:

  • 12 posts link back to core pages on your website with well written captions that encourage engagement. (Easy!)
  • 4 posts link to a funny or uplifting story or video – probably on another website like YouTube or local news.
  • 4 posts link to industry news about new construction, rental rates, awards, or other interesting happenings.
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Knowing in advance how many posts you need in each category, makes it easy to schedule the posts in advance. Schedule one month of posts in advance using a social media management tool like Buffer.com. The posts don’t have to be exact like shown on the calendar. Monday, Wednesday and Friday don’t have to be the days you link back to your website, as long as the topics provide some variety. No one is going to notice if you post back to your website two days in a row. If you see a post on a weekend you want to share but it’s not on your schedule, share it; it’s not going to impact the other posts.

The goal is to pre-plan 90% of your social media posts with a scheduling tool. Write thoughtful and meaningful captions that inspire engagement with your audience. Build a library of helpful content with blog posts on your website, and repurpose that content for 6-12 months.

Social media is just one tool in the toolbox. Be consistent but have fun. Social media alone isn’t going to increase your leads by 50%, but it can build an audience that will use you as a locator when they need to move.

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One of the coolest tools we offer our apartment locating clients is our social media poster. We organize all your posts 30 days in advance, and schedule them for release on your custom schedule. This satisfies 90% of your posts, but doesn’t prevent you from posting on your own. We keep a record of all your posts so you don’t have to go back to the well each month. Your primary job is adding followers to your pages, and engaging with your audience for likes and shares.

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