Terms of Website & IT Services

Effective June 2019

We are replacing our ad hoc project calendar with monthly recurring deadlines outlined below.

These changes are designed to:

  1. Improve the timeliness of your website project.
  2. Perform marketing tasks on a predetermined date of delivery.
  3. Reduce stress because you know the exact date a task is due.
  4. Deliver consistent results with predictable deadlines.
  5. Track completion dates for better results.


Homework Assignments: Wednesday Each Week

  • Homework List: Your homework assignments are posted in your Apartment IDX account so we can track the completion of each task. Log in and click on Homework to see all outstanding tasks. Complete each task within the Apartment IDX dashboard.
  • Deadline: Each week the deadline for homework assignments is Wednesday. All homework assignments completed by Wednesday each week will be included in our project calendar and completed by the following Wednesday.
  • Reminders: You will receive a weekly website activity report via email. This report includes a reminder of all outstanding homework assignments. You can log in to your Apartment IDX account and view your tasks 24/7 online.


Support Tickets

Using a support ticket system will allow us to prioritize requests and track completion dates. From your homework dashboard you can create a support ticket to request changes or maintenance of your website. We do not accept support request via text. Support requests via email will be added to the support ticket system by one of our team members.

  • Apartment IDX subscribers receive 1 hour of free tech support and website maintenance each month.
  • Support tickets are processed Monday – Friday.
  • If your website or one of our services has a total outage, we will fix it 24/7.


Email Marketing: 1st of the month

One of your most important marketing tasks will be to write a series of emails that are sent to each website lead in a pre-determined time frame. Each month you may want to add to your email series or edit existing drip emails. This is also the deadline to submit a monthly newsletter to be distributed to your email subscribers.

Blog Articles: 1st of the month

Continuing to add content to your website by writing helpful articles is a huge part of SEO. Google doesn’t “see” your website, they “read” your website. The more words the better. If you want our team to write blog articles and post them on your website, you must submit a list of blog topics in your homework assignments. These blog posts become sources of social media posts.

Social Media Posts: 15th of the month

We can’t write captions for every client or they would start to sound the same. Boring and generic captions do not get clicks. Read our article about writing captions that convert.

  • Submit 10-15 captions/taglines in your homework assignments that we can use with social media posts and throughout your website.