Tips before picking an apartment locating domain name

Domain Selection

Tips before picking a domain name

If you don’t have a domain or are considering creating a new brand, here are several things to consider before purchasing a domain for your apartment locating brand.

  • When you are at a networking event, does it clearly explain what you do, and it is easy to spell?
  • When you say it on the phone, is it easy to spell? Keep in mind many people have problems spelling, and words are more difficult to understand over the phone.
  • You need an email address with this domain name. When you tell someone over the phone to email you, will they know how to spell it?
  • Keeping it “short” can be tricky. Number of letters versus number of syllables. My advice is 3 syllables or less.
  • Clever domains don’t convert clients. Don’t use a name or logo that needs an explanation. People are inundated with marketing messages, if you need to explain it, they won’t remember it. I’ve seen multiple locators cleverly change the spelling of “apartment” or “locator” in their domain. It’s never successful because Google doesn’t know how to interpret it. Keep it simple and obvious.
  • Can your clients remember it two years from now when a friend needs an apartment locator?
  • Will it appeal to many types of clients? The name and logo should reflect your business philosophy and personality, but not turn off potential clients.
Domain Selection

Compile a list of potential domain names

Using these considerations, compile a list of potential domain names and research the availability of each one on Many domains will not be available; you will probably go through many variations before you find a domain name for sale. Luckily GoDaddy gives helpful suggestions during your search.

Check and see if they are available for purchase

After you find 4-5 domains available for purchase, email the domains to your colleagues, friends, and family and ask them to pick their favorite. Many times, outsiders will interpret your domain very different than you, so it’s always a good exercise to get outside opinions.

I recommend GoDaddy to purchase your domain because they offer exceptional customer service for small business owners. If you aren’t feeling tech savvy, GoDaddy customer service can serve as your IT department to integrate many of your services. The prices are cheap and most products you can purchase monthly without a commitment. As a developer it’s easy for me to access your GoDaddy products.

Buy the professional email address

If you purchase your domain at GoDaddy you will also need to purchase an email address for your domain. Research proves people are nine times more likely to return your email if it’s branded with your domain name vs. a free email account like Gmail.  Every piece of your brand will communicate a message to potential clients. There’s no reason to lose clients over something as simple as using a company branded email address.

Choosing a domain name is very important because it’s linked to your domain and email address. Choose wisely!

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