Apartment Map

Our apartment map is the easiest way to add searchable apartments to your website. Your website visitors can search by floor plan and rent throughout the entire metro. If your website visitors are looking for a one bedroom apartment, they don’t want to search through two bedroom floor plans to find the one bedroom you need. Unlike other map searches like apartments.com and zillow.com, they show the entire rent range which isn’t efficient for your clients. Our map shows them the pricing and then they can zoom in to each neighborhood.

  • Rent prices updated daily.
  • New construction properties added quarterly.
  • Easy copy/paste iFrame code can be added to any website.
  • No contract. Cancel any time with 30 days notice.
  • Each lead is delivered to your inbox instantly.

OPTION 1: Add To A Webpage (Recommended)

We recommend adding your Apartment Map to a page on your website so you can include the SEO elements explained below.

  1. You should have received an email from us with a unique code to your map.
  2. Copy and paste the code from the email into a HTML element you created on your webpage.
  3. The code will look like this:

<iframe  src=”https://aim.secure.force.com/rentaladvisors/apartmentidx_map?id=YOUR_UNIQUE_CODE” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

  • Adjust the width and height of the map using custom CSS or through your HTML element settings so it fits the width of your page.


We created the map as an iFrame so it can be used on any website platform. iFrame is easy to copy and paste, but Google bots can’t read it. In other words, Google isn’t going to know your map is on the page unless you write words to describe it.

After you copy and paste the map on the page, write at least 500-3,000 words to describe the map. Google loves words; the more words the better. Incorporate your primary keywords into the paragraphs.

Samples (Please do not copy this content. Unique content ranks higher on Google):


The map WILL increase your SEO by keeping visitors on your website for a longer period of time. Google will recognize the average time spent on your site has increased, and that will improve your ranking slightly.

After you add the map to your site and write 500-3,000 words on the page, drive traffic by posting the page URL on your social media. Send an email blast to your email database promoting the new page. Add a link to your map in your email signature using catch words that create curiosity. Email the page to your property management relationships and explain how you are creating value for their property. Repeat these steps for 90 days and watch your Google Analytics improve dramatically. Usually within 3 months the map page will become the #1 or #2 entry point on Google page 1 search results.

OPTION 2: Link To A Button or Navigation

Another option to display your map is to link it to a button on your webpage or navigation. The reason we don’t recommend this option is because there is no way to track Google Analytics to your map, or add the SEO elements we explain in the paragraph above. The functionality will work just fine, but you won’t be able to drive traffic to the map. The only way to track how many people visit the map will be to count how many people click the button the map is linked too.

  • Create a button or other website element that will accept a URL link.
  • Copy/paste the unique URL from the email we send you to the button and save.
  • Your unique URL will look like this: