VIP Hosting Package

This package was discontinued for new clients on 12/31/2021.

Hosting a website is a full time job. Services like GoDaddy and Blue Host have built entire companies around the vast support websites need for security and tech support.

Without proper security, your website can easily be injected with malware and require you to completely rebuild your site. Rebuilding is a huge expense, not to mention a huge loss of revenue while your website is down.

We provide a unique service to our VIP Hosting clients who were signed up before 12/31/2021. It includes free apartment data to all of our products and services at no additional cost.  This is an all inclusive package combining tech support, server support, free apartment data through our apartment map and data feed.

What's Included

Our VIP Hosting was designed to be worry-free so there aren’t any homework assignments. We will install all of the products and set up automatic updates to your WordPress website.

  1. Free apartment data feed. Updates the pricing on your website property listings every Friday. ($299/mo value.
  2. Free apartment map. ($99/mo value.
  3. Free online rental leads. ($299/mo value.
  4. Free MLS apartment database. Unlimited data feeds, spreadsheets, & Google maps for the apartments in your city. $299/mo value.
  5. Free website hosting, SSL certificate, daily backup, tech support & protection against hacking/malware. ($50/mo value.
  6. Free Google analytics.