VIP Hosting Package

VIP Hosting Package

Hosting a website is a full time job. Without proper security, your website can easily be injected with malware and require you to completely rebuild your site. Rebuilding is a huge expense, not to mention a huge loss of revenue while your website is down.

Our VIP Hosting service is an optional service available only to our website design clients. If you don’t want us to host or maintain your website after it’s built, and you don’t want a data feed subscription, no problem. Provide us with your hosting information and we will build your website on your hosting. We will import the data feed during the build out of your property listings, and then disconnect. You are not required to buy a data feed subscription.

What's Included - $249 monthly recurring

Our VIP Hosting was designed to be worry-free so there aren’t any homework assignments. We will install all of the products and set up automatic updates to your WordPress website.

  1. Apartment data feed subscription. Updates the pricing on your website property listings every week. ($299/mo value.
  2. Apartment map subscription. ($99/mo value.
  3. Online rental leads from our listing syndication partner. ($299/mo value.
  4. Website hosting, SSL certificate, daily backup, tech support & protection against hacking/malware.
  5. Google analytics reporting.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel this service at any time for any reason and we will move your website for free to a host of your choosing. We recommend Siteground hosting. You own the website we build for you. It is your intellectual property and we would never hold it hostage if you choose to cancel the VIP Hosting service. If you want to cancel the VIP Hosting, we can offer an annual hosting of $150/year so you don’t need to pay for hosting with GoDaddy or another company. That way we can still maintain it, but we remove the map, data feed, and online leads. Even if you decide to leave the industry, I can still package your files so you posses the technology if you ever need it in the future.

If you need to make a change, financial or otherwise, let us know because we are here to help.