Website Maintenance Package

If we design your website, we offer a monthly maintenance package that includes some services that we don't offer to non-website clients.

As of January 1, 2020 the website maintenance package requires a six month contract. If you decide to cancel at any time after six months, we will move your site for free if you purchase hosting on SiteGround. At the time of cancellation we will remove all IDX products and services from your website, or you have the option of paying for products separately at the recurring monthly price.

If You Paid Separately For Our Website Maintenance Package

Product/Service Monthly Cost
Website Hosting On Our Server $25
Apartment Map $149
CRM/Email Auto Responder/Drip Marketing $49
WordPress Data Feed $299
RentLinx Data Feed $99
Social Media Posts $49
Maintenance Tasks (3 hours @ $30) $90
TOTAL $760

$249 Monthly Maintenance Package

After you build a website, you must maintain the technical elements but also keep your blogs and property listings current. Every time Google indexes your website, their spiders see the last time the site was updated. Stale data decreases SEO, especially if you are launching a new brand. Google knows your domain is new and one key element to surpassing your competition, is adding new content and updating existing content.

Building a lead generating website is difficult; it requires your constant attention. Set it and forget it is a strategy for failure. Since you've already invested into your website, we offer unlimited access to our tools for 70% discount off the monthly recurring prices. This allows you to maximize all of our lead generating tools, maintain your website and backups, provide technical support, and automate your email marketing and drip marketing.

Monthly Website Tasks Included

  1. Apartment IDX map added to a page on your website to generate leads. Map is connected to our server and rent is updated daily.
  2. The data feed is scheduled to run every week and update your property listing rental rates and images.
  3. WordPress platform is updated to the latest version to avoid malware hacks.
  4. Daily backup of your website on our server in the event it needs to be restored.
  5. Custom email automation auto-responder to every lead that comes through your website.
  6. Custom 14 day drip email campaign and monthly drip campaign to qualified leads.
  7. Lead CRM can be downloaded into Excel.
  8. Tracks lease expiration dates and emails a notification 90 days beforehand.
  9. Four social media posts a week that link back to your website. Custom captions and #hashtags allowed.
  10. RentLinx data feed if you are using
  11. Three hours of technical and marketing support.