WordPress Theme

We created an apartment locating WordPress theme exclusively for our clients to save time and maximize search features. No two websites look alike. Fully customizable.


We've been building technology for apartment locators since 2005. We've been building websites and integrating our data since 2015. We've designed over 75 apartment locating websites.

MLS Apartment Database

All of our website packages include a fresh copy of our MLS apartment database for your city. The data is fully integrated into your site and plugged into the search features of your website.

Data Experts

Our core business is apartment data collection. We find ways to take apartment search data and turn it into lead generating tools for apartment locators. We can integrate our data into your website faster than any other developer, because it's our core product.

Simple Process

Our streamlined homework assignments make the design process very simple. We understand your business, so the design process doesn't take much of your time. We can duplicate any look & feel; your site won't look like any other locator.


No other developer can launch an apartment locating website faster than us. This is our specialty and we've done it so many times successfully, we rarely run into unexpected delays.

Apartment Search Websites

Popular WordPress Themes

A simple solution to publish MLS apartments for rent on a searchable WordPress website.

If you are a real estate broker or apartment locator and want to offer an apartment data search on your website, we offer several packages to reach your goals. We work with several popular WordPress real estate theme’s to offer a simple landing page with our apartment map, or a full build out with MLS apartment listings and search bar. If you’ve hired another company to build your website but would like us to integrate our data feed, we offer that stand alone service too.

  • We've launched over 75 custom designs for apartment locators.
  • We work with several popular WordPress real estate themes that offer modern designs.
  • We have a proven track record of delivering your website on time. Delays cost you revenue.
  • We know our data better than any third-party developer so we can integrate the data 75% faster.
  • We've been building technology for apartment locators since 2005 so we already understand the locating business. Zero learning curve.
  • We build your website using Google Webmaster Guidelines to ensure SEO standards.
Apartment Search Websites

We can work with your developer

If you already have a preferred developer, no problem. We work with design firms and development teams all the time. We will do our best to help your team create your website and implement our tools as quickly as possible.

Most WordPress developers are legit, but please do your research and due diligence before you hire someone. Make sure you check out their work and call the owner of the sites and ask them some critical questions. I hate to say it, but we’ve had numerous apartment locators hire us after they already paid someone else to build the site. Developers will give you an extremely low quote to gain your business, but underestimate the work. An apartment locating website is technically complicated. It sounds like a straightforward listing site, but once they get into the data, it becomes hundreds of hours they didn’t expect. They either ask you for more money, or more often, they stop returning your calls.

Before hiring a developer

  • Which real estate themes are they proficient with? Buying a theme they aren't familiar with can create massive delays.
  • How many real estate sites have they designed?
  • Have they implemented an XML data feed or MLS feed before?
  • If so, ask the domain name and look at it online. If not, I would pass.
  • How many years have they been developing WordPress sites?
  • Ask for at least three referrals from real estate clients and call/email all of them. Ask critical questions about timing, expense, and delivery.
Before hiring a developer

A La Carte Website Services

These services will save you money if you want to do part of the website build yourself. If you already purchased a WordPress real estate theme, and you don't want to use one of ours, we can connect our data feed with an integration or help you design your home pages with our design services.

Data Feed Integration
$ 3,200 one time fee

  • Integrate the data feed with your existing website.
  • Publish property listings.
  • Implement the theme’s search features.
  • Install Google Analytics for traffic & reports.
  • Integrate the MLS Apartment Database/CRM. (VIP Hosting clients only)
  • Add lead capture forms on every page.
  • Set up your email auto-responder or integrate with your existing CRM.

Buy Now

*If you have a developer to do this for you, please visit our apartment data feed page for DIY pricing.

WordPress Theme
$ 5,600 starting rate

  • $75/hour rate.
  • Choose any of our three website templates listed above.
  • Includes the data feed integration for your city or multiple markets.
  • Includes custom design to match your brand.
  • Extra cost is determined by level of search functionality desired and number of total pages.
  • After we discuss your project we will provide a custom quote.

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Landing Page
$ 149 month

  • Professional real estate agent landing page.
  • Apartment map.
  • MLS Apartment Database.
  • Lead tracking/CRM.
  • Email auto-responder.
  • Free website hosting & SSL
  • Tech support.
  • Daily backups.

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We can plan your entire website

Data Feed Integration + Design Services start at $5,600.

Rental Advisors can plan and execute your entire vision for your website. We have worked with apartment locators on multi-city websites, and we’ve implemented search functionality similar to Apartments.com. If you use one of our WordPress theme’s, the cost will be less because we are familiar with the theme. If you have already purchased a different theme, it will cost more because if will take us longer to implement a vision on a theme we aren’t familiar with. Every WordPress theme is different and a learning curve does apply.