Data Feed License

  • The data feed may be used by one entity on one website/domain/server. If you own more than one domain, you need prior written approval from to use the data feed on multiple platforms.
  • If you have authorized contractors implementing the data feed, they must sign a separate agreement authorizing their use of the data feed, however, you are ultimately responsible for the actions of your authorized contractors.
  • You and your authorized contractors agree not to disseminate, distribute, sell, sublicense, or otherwise make available all or any portion of the data in any form to any third party.
  • You and your authorized contractors shall not copy, alter, display, perform, modify, and/or translate the data for a purpose other than:
    1. publishing apartment listings on one (1) domain to website visitors.
    2. publishing apartment lists on one (1) domain for leads, contacts, renters, and tenants.
    3. populating an internal database for use by employees and real estate agents sponsored by the entity.

as permitted explicitly by this license.

  • The property images must remain on our server. You and your authorized contractors are prohibited from downloading, copying, scraping, saving or republishing any of our property images. The property images can be displayed on your website by referencing the photo gallery URL included in the data feed. Permission to use our property images in any other format requires prior written permission from If your requirement needs to reference an image string from your website or database, please request the Property Image Addendum from
  • If you or your authorized contractors download the images from our server either intentionally or accidentally, you agree to pay $10,000 per market for the total cost of the image library and your service and this license will be terminated.
  • Upon cancellation, the data feed will be turned off and you will be responsible for removing the data feed from your website. 
  • There are no refunds. If you or your authorized contractors never implement the data feed, install it incorrectly, turn it off during development, or fail to set future runs of the data feed, you forfeit all payments.
  • Rental Advisors is not responsible for changes to the design or layout of your website after the data is imported by you or your authorized contractors.
  • Rental Advisors is not responsible for marketing your website or driving traffic to your website.
  • Rental Advisors is not responsible for generating leads and we make no guarantee on the number of leads you will generate from your website by importing the data feed.

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