Terms & Conditions

Effective July 1, 2019


  1. You have permission to use our products on your website but do not have permission to take the data off your website or use it on more than one website without written permission.
  2. You can hire us to do the work or hire a third-party vendor, but you are responsible for the actions of your vendor.
  3. We build the website, but you own it and must provide the specifications.
  4. We aren’t responsible for your site after it’s launched unless you hire us to maintain it. Our maintenance package includes two hours of maintenance and two hours of marketing assistance each month.
  5. Technical support is limited to integrating your domain with our services, or third-party services you use like RentLinx, or Follow Up Boss. We don’t fix your email or call GoDaddy on your behalf.
  6. Maintenance requests must be submitted by logging in to your dashboard and are completed Monday – Friday in the order received.
  7. Blog posts, social media posts, and homework assignments are due on specific days of the month and posted on our project calendar.
  8. We build SEO reporting into your website, but we do not provide SEO services such as AdWords, pay per click campaigns, or social media advertising campaigns. We are available for SEO consult, but we are not responsible the amount of traffic your website receives.


Rental Advisors collects apartment data such as location, amenities, floor plans, pricing and images in select cities. Rental Advisors sells the data in various products such as Google mapping API, XML data feeds, and the WordPress website platform. These products are available for purchase by licensed real estate agents.


Rental Advisors provides a limited license to publish our data publicly on your website and third-party rental websites like Facebook marketplace. You do not have permission to resell, copy, or reproduce any of our data, pricing or images from your website to any third party. All images must remain on our server at all times and referenced by a URL. You do not have permission to use our Apartment IDX Google Map or XML data feed on more than one website without our written permission.

All third-party development teams must agree to these licensing limitations before Rental Advisors will provide products or assistance. These licensing conditions protect you from accidentally publishing unauthorized images and pricing on public websites. If your website requirement needs special consideration from these licensing limitations, we will try to accommodate and provide a special licensing agreement for your project.

Third-Party Consulting

We will provide limited consulting to your third-party vendors to implement our products. Rental Advisors products are built intentionally on massively adopted platforms (cloud, WordPress, XML, Google API) so any vendor should know how to implement our products to your specifications. However, we provide two hours of free phone and email support to any vendor that needs additional guidance. Rental Advisors is not responsible for delays by your third-party vendors and we do not provide refunds if your development team is not able to implement our products to your specifications. However, we will do what we can to launch your project successfully.

Website Development

Rental Advisors will implement our proprietary apartment locating website theme for WordPress on your domain according to the specifications you provide in your homework assignments. Upon completion, you own the website and the static data imported during the design process. Rental Advisors is not responsible for the maintenance of your website, lead capture forms or apartment listings after completion unless you purchase an optional maintenance package. Without a maintenance package, we will launch your website on your designated hosting provider for free and provide all documentation to access and maintain your own website.

Monthly Maintenance

Rental Advisors monthly website maintenance package include free hosting on our server, WordPress platform updates, weekly updates to apartment pricing, real time pricing on Google IDX maps, two hours of IT support each month, tracking of lead capture forms and lead sources, and access to our Locator CRM through https://ApartmentIDX.info.

Technical Support

Rental Advisors will provide limited technical support to third party services such as RentLinx, MailChimp, GoDaddy, Network Solutions or Follow Up Boss only as it relates to integrating these systems with our products.

Support Tickets

IT support requests must be made through our support ticket system by logging in to https://ApartmentIDX.info. Requests are processed Monday – Friday in the order they are received. Hours incurred to complete your support requests are emailed at the completion of the task and count against your two hours of IT support each month.

Monthly Marketing

The greatest contributor to lead generation is marketing. Our monthly website maintenance package includes two hours of personal marketing assistance each month. The deadlines for social media posts, blog posts, and email marketing are posted on our project calendar so you can review them at any time. Rental Advisors can provide additional customized marketing services such as blog writing, social media captions, and email marketing campaigns for an additional fee. Rental Advisors creates homework assignments for each client. All homework assignments completed by Wednesday each week will be implemented free of charge by the following Wednesday.


Rental Advisors does not provide SEO services such as AdWords, pay per click campaigns, or social media advertising campaigns. During the website design process, we will implement proper page titles, descriptions, H1 tags, image tags, and URL naming so Google can properly index your website pages. We will install a Google Analytics tracking code, Google Website Search Console, and a weekly traffic report from Google Analytics. You can submit a maintenance request to review your weekly traffic report with one of our team members if you need assistance understanding your traffic. These tools create reports of your Google traffic, but they do not generate traffic. Rental Advisors can provide insights to increase your SEO results, but we are not responsible for the amount of traffic your site receives and we do not implement SEO strategies.