Create an online presence to attract high-end renters

If you are an apartment locator and you want to attract high-end rental leads, a professional website is essential. High end renters are discerning consumers. Before they use any service, they are going to check out your website, Google business profile, social media, LinkedIn connections, and make sure you have recent online reviews from the last 6 months. High-end renters are going to be thorough so make sure your online presence is modern and professional.


They value collaboration

High-end renters want to collaborate and make informed decisions. We surveyed 500 renters on our website and 72% of them used during their apartment search and saved their favorite properties to a list. This tells you renters want a user-friendly searchable platform they can interact with, not just emailed a list.

The Locator IDX is the easiest way to add searchable apartments to your website. It requires zero maintenance from you, once you add the link, we update the pricing and it’s automatically updated on your IDX. The IDX captures the name, phone number, and email address of every prospective customer that searches your IDX. You can show or hide the name of the apartment and the customer can begin to create their own list. You will receive an email notification with every IDX registration, and you can see the apartments they saved to their list. You can add properties to their list from the backend and email a link to a professional mobile friendly apartment list.


They look for a locator that’s relateable

High-end renters are well educated and sophisticated. Your online presence needs to convey modern professionalism. Your website, logo, and email signature need sleek colors, modern font, and sophisticated images. A high-end renter looking for a $5,000 per month high rise is going to look for a locator with an expensive looking brand. If they can afford $60,000 per year for rent, they most likely feel capable of finding their own apartment using online resources. But an apartment locator does much more than just curate a list of apartments and your website is where you communicate that to potential clients.

A static or informational website can serve as an online business card, but you’ll need to do more to generate high end leads. Locator IDX changes a static website into a dynamic website and your lead conversion rate will increase significantly. When a website visitor fills out an IDX contact form or registers on the apartment map, 82% of the time they convert and become a loyal client. After the IDX opens, they can search locator friendly properties on your website 24/7, and 55% of the time they don’t just browse but they interact and save properties. Even if they don’t save properties to a list, the IDX already captured their phone number and email address so you can add them to your automated follow up system.


Invest in systems and automation

To build a successful apartment locating business you will need to attract a diverse pool of qualified renters consistently. Building a WordPress website is an investment into your business that will repay you many times over by generating qualified leads. If you invest $5,000-$6,000 per year (average $500 per month) in technology and advertising, you should be able generate at least $100,000 per year in revenue as long as you have an infallible system for collecting invoices.

Whether your goal is to build a professional one-page site so you can generate leads separate from your broker, or you’re building a team and need a partner that thoroughly understands how to use apartment data to generate leads, we would love to talk to you.

We are industry experts. Since 2016 we’ve helped 75+ locators launch websites and we currently support 1,500+ locators using at least one of our apartment locating products. If you’re interested in attracting high end renters and you need a modern and professional website, check out our design options at or contact us with your questions.

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