Online Leads Generate Consistent Revenue For Apartment Locators

Generating enough leads each month can be challenging for apartment locators. With the growing competition in the real estate market, securing high-quality leads is more important than ever. This is where buying online leads for apartment locators comes into play. Not only can it streamline your lead generation process, but it can also boost your success rate and efficiency. In this blog post, we’ll explore seven key benefits of purchasing online leads specifically tailored for apartment locators.


Increased Efficiency


Saves Time


One of the most significant advantages of buying online leads for apartment locators is the amount of time it saves. Generating leads can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. By purchasing leads from Rental Advisors, you can focus more on what you do best – closing deals and providing excellent service to your clients.


Streamlined Workflow


Online leads can integrate seamlessly with the Locator IDX CRM, allowing you to manage your contacts more efficiently. This integration means that all your leads are in one place, and our email automation makes it easier to track and follow up with potential clients. Locator IDX includes a series of email automation that goes out to your online leads to increase your conversion rate. When the lead opts-in from one of the emails, the lead is converted to an IDX contact. Market research proves that leads convert at a much higher rate if you respond in less than 5 minutes. Conversion rates are even higher when you incorporate specific information about the lead into your outreach email such as the lead source, bedrooms, and budget. Our CRM and Email Marketing does all of this for you automatically to create a streamlined workflow. Our email automation is converting approximately 40% of the online leads to opt-in, which is much higher than the industry standard of 10%.


Better Targeting


Specific Demographics


When you buy online leads from Locator IDX, you can target specific properties that are paying a competitive commission. Whether you’re focusing on a specific neighborhood, price point, or property type like high rises, our online lead platform offers advanced filtering options to ensure you’re reaching the right audience. You can use online leads to supplement your other marketing efforts or extend your marketing efforts into a new segment. We don’t charge a monthly fee, so if for example you selected 50-80 highrise units or penthouse units, it might take approximately 3 months to receive 50 leads, but the leads would be in the high-end category. As you build a relationship with those leads, you can develop a referral program so these new high-end renters can refer you to their friends. You will also want to add them to a monthly drip marketing campaign so during the 9th month you ask if they are going to renew their lease or if you can help them move again.


Geographic Focus


Geography plays a crucial role in apartment locating. Locator IDX can supply leads based on specific locations because you pick the properties yourself from our apartment MLS. This ensures you are reaching out to individuals who are looking for apartments in the areas you serve. You can search by radius from any locating in the Google Places API. You can search by neighborhood or zip code. You can combine filters such as properties managed by a specific management company within a specific list of zip codes.  This geographic precision helps in reducing wasted efforts on leads that are not within your desired area.




Reduced Marketing Costs


Buying online leads from Rental Advisors is a cost-effective marketing strategy. We don’t charge a monthly fee, you only pay for leads with a phone number and an email address, which can be much more economical compared to broad-spectrum marketing efforts. You pick the properties yourself so you only get leads for properties you want to market. If your data feed generates a lead without a phone number, we used to delete it but that seemed wasteful. Now we give you the lead for free and our email auto responder attempts to collect the phone number.


Higher ROI


With online leads, you are investing in contacts that have a higher chance of conversion because you know with certainty they need to move in the next 90 days, and you have their phone number and email address. This increased probability of connecting on the phone or by email using our email automation, results in a higher return on investment (ROI). When you consider the low cost per lead and the potential revenue from successful conversions, the financial benefits become clear. The ROI for online leads is much higher than Google Adwords pay per click. Adwords links to a landing page on your website, there is no guarantee they will submit their contact information. You end up paying for click but don’t capture the lead. With online leads the contact information has already been captured, all you need to do is create a connection and explain the benefits of your service.


Quality and Quantity Leads


Whether you are an individual locator or a broker with many agents, buying online leads can be scaled to fit your needs. You can adjust the number of leads you receive by adding or removing properties to your online lead data feed. Some locators generate 50 leads a week, some locators only choose a few properties and generate 50 high dollar leads every quarter. You purchase based on your current capacity and market demand. This flexibility allows you to grow your business at your own pace without being overwhelmed by too many or too few leads.


Competitive Advantage


You Don’t Share Leads With Any Other Locator


Apartment locating is a competitive industry, having access to a steady stream of high-quality leads gives you an edge over your competitors. By buying online leads, you have a steady flow of potential clients to compliment your other marketing efforts. Our system deletes any lead who’s email is already in the system. You will never be charged twice for the same lead and you will never be competing against other locators for the same lead. This could result in fewer leads but the quality is better overall.


Target New Construction


Rental Advisors tracks apartments under construction so you can add them to your online lead data feed during their lease up phase. By purchasing leads from Locator IDX, you can stay updated on new construction and adjust your strategies to match the current market demands. This adaptability helps you remain relevant and competitive in the fast-paced real estate market.


Enhanced Customer Relationships

Personalized Service


Having detailed information about your leads allows you to offer a more personalized service. Our email auto-responder extracts personal information submitted by each lead and inserts it into a personalized email. When potential clients feel understood and valued, they are more likely to choose your services. Building strong, personalized relationships with your clients can lead to higher satisfaction rates and more referrals.


Long-Term Engagement


When online leads convert to an active contact, our goal is to help you maintain a long-term relationship even after their lease is signed. One $5 online lead can turn into a client that you help move multiple times, earning a commission with each move. Even if a lead doesn’t convert immediately, we recommend staying in touch and you providing valuable information that can keep you top-of-mind. A strategy we’ve seen work the majority of the time is revealing secret information that you know because you talk to unhappy renters on a daily basis. Creating a healthy fear or curiosity that you know more than they do is a strategy that can turn potential leads into loyal clients.




In conclusion, buying online leads for apartment locators offers numerous benefits, from increased efficiency and better targeting to cost-effectiveness and enhanced customer relationships. Investing in online leads not only saves time and reduces marketing costs but also provides valuable insights that can boost your conversion rates and give you a competitive edge.


If you’re ready to take your apartment locating business to the next level, consider purchasing online leads from Locator IDX. Our platform provides high-quality, active leads tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you get the best results possible. Start maximizing your potential today with Locator IDX!


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