Author: Jodi Southwick

Jodi is the CEO of Rental Advisors. She is the creator of the Apartment IDX, and the Founder & President of the National Association of Apartment Locators.

Searchable Apartment Listings

Are you advertising on Yelp or Facebook and people go to your website but they don’t fill out their information or reply to your messages? I believe any real estate agent can sell any service to any person if the service is packaged correctly. Having good reviews is awesome, but if your website doesn’t offer […]

Tip: Create A Lead Magnet

Every apartment locator should be swapping free information for their visitors email address. On every website we build, we include a lead capture form on every page. We don’t want any barriers to keep your website visitors from filling out a contact form. However, there are different ways to ask for an email address. A […]

100% of your website visitors have been on

When CoStar purchased in 2014, it became the largest aggregation of apartment data on the internet. They now have a marketplace of over 15 rental websites including and It looks like CoStar Group, Inc. purchases small and medium sized rental websites with consistent unique traffic and adds them to their marketplace. The […]

Tutorial: Social Media Poster

Scheduling posts in advance that link to your new website pages is the first step in using social media to drive traffic to your site. However, posting alone doesn’t produce results. Quality captions that motivate your audience to click, like, and share are the most important. Google doesn’t care if the click, like or share […]

Tip: Social Media Planner

Create categories of topics your audience will find helpful and interesting. Some examples are: Motivational quotes. Industry news and events. Blog posts on your website. Testimonials or online reviews. Funny real estate meme’s or real estate lifestyle posts. Invitations to join your newsletter and blog posts. Build your email marketing database. Apartment listings on your […]

Tip: Website Design Checklist

Over the years, Rental Advisors has refined our website design checklist. Not only have we expanded our skill set but Google is constantly changing the rules, so we must keep our design process up to date. There is nothing wrong with a DIY website using one of the many online website builders. However, every client […]

Tip: Apartment Locating Captions That Convert

A well crafted caption can be the difference between social media engagement and crickets. Personally I prefer short captions, but I had to acknowledge that not everyone is like me. Personally I don’t like videos either, but clearly YouTube has proven me a minority. It’s natural to assume the way you engage with social media […]

Tip: Lead Funnels Increase Closing Ratio

Your lead funnel should support an infinite number of leads from an infinite number of sources. Your system should process 1000 leads a month as easily as 100 leads a month. Without leases, it doesn’t matter how smoothly the rest of your organization functions. Start by building an automated and predictable lead funnel that increases […]